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Grade 2

Our Grade 2 Program focusses on nurturing and developing reading and writing competencies among students, while placing added emphasis on critical thinking. Students will strengthen their footing in the French Language, and gain fluency in reading the Quran. Students are required to demonstrate their learning by connecting ideas to the real world, thereby creating multiple pathways to knowledge. Students learn to apply a wide range of decoding strategies to a variety of texts to demonstrate their comprehension.


Grade 2 students will:

• Learn basic writing skills (editing, identifying main ideas, writing simple descriptions)
• Develop counting strategies and learn how to apply math to everyday life
• Learn about the environment and how humans coexist with other species
• Work in teams when playing sports and gain knowledge about health and fitness
• Continue to gain exposure to Islamic studies and improve their recitation of the Quran


Students will memorize chapters from Juzz Amma. Our teachers strive to foster, develop, and model Islamic values both inside and outside of the classroom.