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Grade 3

Our Grade 3 program focuses on motivating and cementing positive learning habits into the disposition of every student. Students are encouraged and trained to demonstrate a willingness and commitment to thinking, reflecting, and communicating with clarity. Students will focus on generating, organizing, and extending their thoughts through independent, guided, and group discussions. Our program places a strong emphasis on contextual learning, actively creating opportunities for kinaesthetic learning. This approach to learning is most visible in our science division which emphasizes hands-on experiments. Our team of educators are committed to providing students the training and support they need to satisfy and surpass the requirements of the Education Quality and Accountability Examinations (EQAO). Our program supports the learning of Quranic Arabic, the French Language, and Islamic studies. Quranic Arabic is divided into two levels: level 1 and level 2. Level 1 supports students who are still developing key concepts. Level 2 caters to students who are meeting and/or exceeding curricular expectations. Our level 2 programming focusses on providing a deeper understanding of various surahs, arabic grammar, and tafseer. Students will memorize chapters from Juzz Amma. Students learn about Islamic identity in North America and continue to gain knowledge in Islamic studies and Arabic. Our teachers strive to foster, develop, and model Islamic values both inside and outside of the classroom.