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Thank you for your support of Maingate Islamic Academy, we educate children in a nurturing community. We combine academic excellence with moral formation, preparing students to lead successful lives and to serve a world in need.

Help us protect the future of your children by supporting Maingate Islamic Academy through your donation. All proceeds go towards building new state of the art facilities to help better educate your children. In a world continuously advancing in both technology and science we strive to make Maingate Islamic Academy a place where all of our students will flourish. The cost of education per child in Ontario has risen and the average cost is 11 thousand dollars per year and Maingate Islamic Academy does not receive any Government Funding, therefore we must turn to our donations and sponsors for all the help we can get to maintain our school stature.

We strive to be the best educators possible and in order to do so updates are periodically needed to both our building structure and our in school materials. To meet the immediate operating needs, long-term endowment needs, and to enhance our school, Maingate Islamic Academy relies on the generous support of its families and friends within our community. Tuition revenue can not fund all of these needs in full, so we look to you for support.

Maingate Islamic Academy was founded and grew because of the generosity of families who believed in its future. Every donation received is meaningful and appreciated – there are many different ways to give, and we welcome your visits and calls to discuss how you can get involved.
Your support will help us build upon our strengths and allow us to continue our mission to provide not only essential, but also excellent, resources both now and in the future.

We look forward to your contributions.