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Why Choose Maingate?

    • Our programs are customized to meet the needs of each student based on their unique needs and interests. This is ensured through teacher documentation, differentiated instruction strategies for each student, and assistive technology


    • Our classrooms are all student-centered and focus on opportunities for student reflection, creative thinking and innovation, self-assessment, choice, and ongoing learning and growth


    • Our staff and teachers are dedicated to developing strong and effective relationships through ongoing parent and community engagement


    • We encourage students to understand and love the practice of Islam through Islamic guidance with our imam who is available to us on-site on a daily basis


  • Our Arabic curriculum is approved by Dr. Mustafa Khattab (Imam) and Halaqahs are held directly from him Mondays – Wednesdays after salah
    • We have teacher assistants in JK all the way to grade 2


    • Maingate has an EQAO Specialist on board who does integrated co-teaching with the grade 3 and 6 classes and provides research on student achievement, school effectiveness, and best practices


    • Our Special Education Services Program has a particular focus on students who are dyslexic; this program offers indirect support through teacher resources, one-on-one support, and small-group instruction in the class


    • We jump-start our Arabic and French program in JK and provide specialized programming and experiential learning in all grades


  • We work with the Speech Language Pathologist who specializes in language impairment and impaired articulation